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Personal weather stations have become more advanced and can include many different sensors to measure weather conditions. These sensors can vary between models but most measure wind speed, wind direction, outdoor and indoor temperatures, outdoor and indoor humidity, barometric pressure, rainfall, and UV or solar radiation. Other available sensors can measure soil moisture, soil temperature, and leaf wetness. The quality, number of instruments, and placement of personal weather stations can vary widely, making the determination of which stations collect accurate, meaningful, and comparable data difficult. There are a comprehensive number of retail weather stations available.


Eve Weather

With Eve Weather, track your current outdoor temperature, humidity and barometric pressure, and see the weather trend at a glance – on your iPhone or directly on the display. Review current and past climate data, empowering you with insights of the weather on your doorstep. Or ask Siri what the temperature's like outside, so you can dress for the day's weather before setting out. With a sleek & sophisticated design and IPX3 weather resistance, Eve Weather offers truly wireless, energy-efficient operation with support for Bluetooth and Thread. Eve Weather joins your Thread network automatically, and is Apple HomeKit-enabled for outstanding ease of use with iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

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Accurite Iris

This professional weather station tracks a comprehensive list of weather data, including lightning strikes within 25 miles, temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, heat index, wind chill, dew point, daily high and low records, as well as the time and date. The weather ticker on display streams real-time information and alerts for weather conditions. It records historical data, including current, weekly, monthly, and yearly lightning strike counts, average wind Speed as well as historical rainfall records for the previous 48 hours, seven days, month, and year. Enjoy the benefits of an anemometer, rain gauge, wind vane, hygrometer, and thermometer all in one wireless device.

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Davis Vantage Vue

The 6250 Vantage Vue Wireless Weather Station provides accurate, reliable weather monitoring in a self contained, easy-to-install system. Designed to provide the weather data you need for home use, boating and more. Vantage Vue includes a sleek but tough outdoor Integrated Sensor Suite and a comprehensive console. The ISS sets up in minutes and starts sending data wirelessly to your console anywhere within a 1,000-foot range. The ISS updates to the easy-to-read LCD screen on your console every 2.5-seconds. Constantly updated readouts provide you with current weather conditions, including indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction, dew point, and rainfall.

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