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NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards (NWR) is a nationwide network of radio stations broadcasting weather information 24 hours a day direct from nearby National Weather Service offices. NWR is the fastest way to receive warnings of severe weather and floods. NWR broadcasts National Weather Service warnings, watches, advisories, forecasts, general weather information, and other hazard information. Weather messages are generally repeated every 4 to 10 minutes and are routinely updated every 1 to 3 hours or more frequently in rapidly changing local weather of if a nearby hazardous environmental condition exists.

Sangean Radios are top quality radio receivers. Heavy duty antennas that hold up over time and digital tuning that locks on to give a great signal. Sangean has been building radios since 1974 and the only NOAA approved weather radio I recommend. 


Sangean DT-400W

DT-400W is THE pocket radio of your choice! It's got everything you need built into this tiny pocket-sized portable radio. The size does not restrain its outstanding sensitivity and remarkable selectivity from many tabletop AM / FM radios out there.

The built-in Advanced PLL Synthesized Digital Receiver offers drift-free AM / FM reception at all times.

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Sangean SG-112

The Sangean AM/FM Multi-Powered Weather Emergency Radio is a rugged, digital AM/FM Public Alert certified radio with 3 charging modes. No matter where you are, this radio lets you listen to your favorite music, news, and radio programs while keeping you safe with up to date weather forecasting and alerts. With a built-in, adjustable LED flashlight and loud emergency buzzer, you'll carry safety with this radio no matter where you go.

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Sangean CL-100

The CL-100 is a Public Alert Certified weather radio that receives all NOAA reports informing people about severe weather advisories, civil emergencies, hazards, and evacuation details, so you can have more time to react before dangerous storms hit your area.

A 3.5mm stereo auxiliary input socket is provided to allow connections to an external audio device such as an MP3 or CD player.

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