SMC Corporation Helps Noblesville Parks Plant Trees, Remove Invasive Species

SMC Corporation of America and the Noblesville Parks Department recently worked together on a sustainable program to help restore the Hague Road Nature Haven. The project, aimed at sustainability and to beautify, involved removing invasive species that are a problem in the area. 

“As we continue to battle this ever-growing problem, we are starting to restore the area with new trees that will aid in the process of removing invasive plants,” said Jonn Russell, certified arborist and parks maintenance staff member.

With SMC Corporation’s contribution of time, manpower and materials, the group was able to plant 30 new native sapling trees. Native tree species planted included Red Maple, Hackberry, Yellowwood, Kentucky Coffeetree, Black Gum and Swamp White Oak. As trees were planted, safety cages were built and placed around the samplings to help prevent damage from the nibbling creatures.

“Our initiative is to restore this area and others like it, to its natural habitat to house wildlife of all kinds: deer, birds, insects, and even field mice. Over the next few years, SMC and the parks department are hoping to develop this area into more of an attraction, not only for the residents of Noblesville, but nature loving members of the surrounding areas,” Russell said.

While removing invasive species, the parks left several Milkweed Pods in the hopes that this will continue to help with the Monarch butterfly population, which has grown in size and number since the project was started in 2020. 

The Hamilton County Soil & Water Department also donated materials to install two new “Boot Brush Stations” in the Nature Haven’s parking lots. Boot Brush stations provide information about invasive species and are just one way that people can help to protect the non-paved trail, the parks and even their own property.

Russell said the battle to eradicate invasive species continues with the department’s goal to have an amazing walking trail with information about the plants and wildlife that will be living among us.

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